Some of our favorites!

A very distinct flavor that has a personality of its own. Does not have to be packed or ladened with a heavy coat. Get the thrill of fajitas on chicken or beef skirts. A mild flavor with a touch of cilantro that will remind you of the Mariachis and Old Mexico.
This is not your ordinary honey mustard. Our Honey Mustard is sweet, hot and it has that something that others are missing. It’s especially good on roasted chicken, pork or your favorite deli-style sandwich. You have never tasted anything so good!
This is not just any lemon pepper. It was carefully selected to join our other rubs once we felt that it had the right color and pepper content to not be just another item on the horizon without anything special.
A cut above the rest in respect to its flavor and satisfaction when applied to beef and fish. A moderate hint of garlic and peppers has winner written all over it. Super on chicken and a delight when applied on prepared foods at the table.
The aroma comes through the packaging. The flavor is distinct and you can enjoy the flavor without the hassle. By far, this is the most popular overall.
Made for those that love good bourbon and that great smokey aroma. There is nothing like this on the market. Grilled, Smoked, or sautéed, this seasoning rub will be a delight for all. Very good on pork, poultry or fish.
Winner of cook-offs all across the nation, this seasoning is a blend for the ages. This one of a kind taste will never be forgotten. It is enjoyed in many regions all over the country and adopted as their favorite pork butt rub, and now comes in 29 ounces.
Has big chunks of fresh sautéed garlic and the distinct flavor of cilantro. Fresh tomatoes roasted over an open grill, married with jalapenos in spices and other herbs. The first fire-roasted salsa in our great line of products.

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