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EmberWest is proud to present two great brand names when it comes to gas logs.  Each manufacturer has created quality and realistic logs along with a great burner design that when burning looks so close to a wood fire that you wouldn’t even notice!


web_product_headers_rfRealFyre Gas Log sets, by RH Peterson, are ceramic logs that contain a wide variety of selections from one sided to see-thru and split wood to charred timber.  If there is a specific type of log that you are looking for, odds are, Real Fyre Gas Logs will have what you are looking for!



Hargrove Radiant Heat SeriesHargrove Gas Logs also contain a wide variety when it comes to style, but, what separates them from the competition is the Radiant Heat Series ceramic fiber gas logs.  It isn’t a secret, that most of the heat is lost through the flue when using the original brick or zero clearance wood burning firebox.  What Hargrove has done is capture that heat through the use of ceramic fiber gas logs, rather than ceramic or cement logs, and plus the engineered design of the radiant heat chamber.  Hargrove’s Radiant Heat Series gas logs provide up to three times as much heat than traditional log sets.  Now that is HOT!




pw fiber glowPortland Williamate Gas Logs create a more realistic flame pattern look than any other brand on the market! The ceramic burner creates a real fire feel while the ceramic-fiber logs radiate more heat than the old ceramic or cement logs. PW logs are the perfect fit in any home looking for more ambiance out of its fireplace!