Fire Tables

American Fyre Designs

Our Firetables create the perfect ambiance for enjoying an outdoor meal or cocktail while also keeping you warm from the evening chill.

Select models are also available with an optional granite insert top. Fuel options include Natural Gas or self- contained Propane tank (most include a removable door to house a 5-gallon propane tank). Handcrafted from glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC).


Firegear is leading-edge manufacturer of many fireplace accessories designed to highlight the luxury of your outdoor living area. From fire pits, fire tables and outdoor fireplaces to gas logs, Firegear combines long-standing experience with a flair for tasteful design. All products are proudly made in the USA.

Vin De Flame

Whether you prefer an oaky California Chardonnay or a fruity sangiovese from Italy, wine lovers alike now have the perfect place to enjoy their favorite glass of vino. Baring authentic seals from wineries all over, the Enthusiast Wine Barrel Fire Pit Table from Vin de Flame allows you to travel the world of wine while relaxing at home.

For the enthusiast like yourself, nothing comes closer to perfection than sitting in a Napa winery and enjoying your favorite glass of wine. With The Moderna Fire Table from Vin de Flame, you can now bring that flavor of the vineyards into your own outdoor living space. Made from authentic retired wine barrels from California wine country, each fire pit is distinct and one of a kind.


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