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FMI Products – Outdoor Fireplace – Berlin Lights

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The Luminary Series goes outdoors!  Where superior performance and unique versatility are showcased in an ultramodern design.  A masterpiece on fire, but a presence that represents luxury with or without the flame. Sleek & Sophisticated Introducing the Luminary Series Linear Vent-Free Fireplace System, Berlin Lights. These dynamic new products are offered in an amazingly chic [...]

FMI Products – Outdoor Fireplace – Venetian

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The Venetian outdoor fireplace (vent-free firebox) is the ultimate complement to any outdoor room.  Fully equipped with stainless steel and refractory panels. Stainless Outdoor Design There's a growing demand for vent-free gas outdoor fireplaces because they’re 99 percent energy efficient and can be installed virtually anywhere. FMI’s Venetian vent- free models deliver these benefits and [...]

FMI Products – Outdoor Fireplace – Alpine

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The Alpine outdoor fireplace (vent-free gas fireplace) systems transform just about any backyard into a private year 'round oasis.  Alpine offers the beauty and ambiance of a real wood fire without the smoke, hassle and mess. Classic Beauty, Ultimate Flexibility America is moving outdoors and FMI's outdoor fireplaces are there to meet them.  The Alpine [...]

Vin de Flame – Wine Barrel Fire Pits

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Wine Barrel Fire Pits are hand made in Sonoma County.  Mounted on casters for easy movement around deck and patio spaces.  40,000 BTU Stainless Steel Burner.  Propane tank housed inside and out of sight, or hook up to gas line.  Simple match light start.  Gas Key lets you adjust flame height.  Choose from Granite or [...]