Firegear — Firepit Components and Parts

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Whatever component or part you need to customize your Firegear firepit, we either have it in stock or readily obtain it. Firegear can supply burners in a variety of shapes besides those seen above, fire rings both rectangular and round, fireglass in several types and many colors, lava stones and rocks or sand, all in [...]

Firegear Firepit Do-It-Yourself

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                Choose your firepitĀ from three shapes -- round, square, or octagonal. Then you can finish it with stone, brick or other materials, with color variations that match the surroundings. We can work with you or your contractor to recommend a mason who will complete the design to your [...]

Firegear – Ready to Finish Firepits

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              The RTF (Ready to Finish Firepits) system is the easiest system on the market for dealers, contractors and DIY homeowners; this system consists of and can be designed to virtually any size and shape. The cabinets can be customized with any thin or full-sized veneer product to complement [...]