Firegear Firepit Do-It-Yourself

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                Choose your firepit from three shapes -- round, square, or octagonal. Then you can finish it with stone, brick or other materials, with color variations that match the surroundings. We can work with you or your contractor to recommend a mason who will complete the design to your [...]

Fireplace Glass and Rocks

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Made for gas fireplaces, inserts and firepits, these 1/2" glass beads come in a variety of colors and are amazing to view as the fire dances above. They require no maintenance and retain their appearance for years. They are easy to handle and can also be swept up and replaced by a new color as [...]

Firegear – Ready to Finish Firepits

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              The RTF (Ready to Finish Firepits) system is the easiest system on the market for dealers, contractors and DIY homeowners; this system consists of and can be designed to virtually any size and shape. The cabinets can be customized with any thin or full-sized veneer product to complement [...]

Vin de Flame – Wine Barrel Fire Pits

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Wine Barrel Fire Pits are hand made in Sonoma County.  Mounted on casters for easy movement around deck and patio spaces.  40,000 BTU Stainless Steel Burner.  Propane tank housed inside and out of sight, or hook up to gas line.  Simple match light start.  Gas Key lets you adjust flame height.  Choose from Granite or [...]