Fireplace Mantels

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              Your fireplace and surrounding mantelĀ are the heart of your home. A fireplace adds warm, cozy ambiance to any room. The right mantel can transform your fireplace or fireplace insert into a true home furnishing. A variety of materials for the fireplace mantel can be the focusĀ for custom interior [...]

Remote Controls

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Make your life easier with a remote control for your gas fireplace or insert. By simply pointing and clicking you can start or stop the fire. Most models have thermostats to further improve the comfort of your home. Some remotes can be wall-mounted to reduce clutter in your living area. We carry some models in [...]

Fireplace Glass and Rocks

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Made for gas fireplaces, inserts and firepits, these 1/2" glass beads come in a variety of colors and are amazing to view as the fire dances above. They require no maintenance and retain their appearance for years. They are easy to handle and can also be swept up and replaced by a new color as [...]

High-temperature Paint

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Because of the high heat of fireplaces, their surround shields, vent pipes, stoves, and grills, paints for them are specially formulated. We stock spray cans in many colors to match your existing finish or create a new one. The new coat should maintain its color and last for a long time. Once you have thoroughly [...]